PPL-H training

Complete EASA compliant program comprising 100hrs of theoretical training and 45hrs of flight training*

This course can be entered at any time of the year. 

*Minimum required flight hours

CPL-H integrated training

Complete EASA compliant program comprising 350hrs of theoretical training and 135hrs of flight training*.

This programme starts twice a year and is a full-time programme.

*Minimum required flight hours

CPL-H Modular training

You are already a PPL-H licensed pilot and want to upgrade to  CPL-H. Good news, we can provide you the necessary training as required by EASA to obtain your CPL-H license in a modular program.

This program comprises the necessary theoretical training and 35hrs of flight time* ( Night-rating included).

*Minimum required flight hours

Referesher training

Your annual check is due and you feel the need to refresh your skills, then this is the course for you. During this course we revise all the necessary skills in order to pass the test.

In general a refresher session takes 1.5hrs plus briefing